Hold Me Tight

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F A C T S  -  A B O U T  -  M E
Me about me:
- My name is Line <3
- I'm fourteen years old!!
- My eyes are grey/blue 8D
- My hair is naturally blonde, but I dye it red ;A;
- I'm born may the 30th, 1994 ~
- I'm Danish and live in Denmark
- I speak Danish & English, studying Japanese and French!
- I'm easily moved by anime, manga, movies and books D:
- I'm really afraid of spiders .-.
- I really, really like my sweet seme <3 ;_;
- I adore cats <3 (nyanyanyannyan) XD;
Me about manga:
- I'd rather read a beautiful drawn story with a bad plot than the opposite.
- I would like to be a manga-ka someday, but I don't think I'm talented enough, sadly D:
- I think shoujo-ai is kinda cute ;//A//; But I also like shoujo, and shounen-ai is okay :3
- I don't read yaoi or yuri ;////;
- I don't really like shounen that much D:
- I love Kozue Amano-san's work!
- My favourite mangas are Aqua/Aria, First Love Sisters and Lovely Complex!
- Most scary manga I ever read was Elfen Lied.. (only some few pages) 'cause my friend made me Q__Q
Me about anime:
- My favourite animes are Strawberry Panic!, Lovely Complex and Bokura Ga Ita.
- The anime that made me cry the most was CLANNAD.
- The most scary (anime) I ever saw was a short clip from Elfen Lied ;__; SERIOUSLY I WAS SO SCARED!!
- I don't really understand why Bleach and Naruto are so popular XD Sorry to those who like 'em!


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